2017 Presenting Sponsor

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Redemption Road Coffee as this year’s “Presenting Sponsor” of the Dayspring Dash 5k! Redemption Road Coffee supports the non-profit ministry of Redemption Road, empowering men to live a true life of freedom in Christ through weekend “intensives” and discipleship groups.

When you buy a freshly roasted bag of Redemption Road Coffee, you’re not just buying coffee. You’re supporting a cause. You’re supporting individual hardworking families all across the globe. You’re supporting a family in their mission to help people live more authentically both emotionally and spiritually. You’re joining a community of people with the desire and vision to make the world a better place.

You can learn more about the Redemption Road ministry at www.redemptionroad.com, and you can learn more about Redemption Road Coffee at www.redemptionroadcoffee.com.

Redemption Road Coffee will be providing all of our race participants with some complimentary, freshly roasted, ethically sourced, and of course DELICIOUS coffee!

We are grateful to Redemption Road Coffee for their support as our “Presenting Sponsor” this year, and we are looking forward to making a positive impact on our community through this partnership.

See you at the finish line!

Race Results!

What a beautiful day for a race! We had 75 registered runners this year and 60 timed runners. Thank you so much to all over our volunteers, sponsors, and our participants for making today’s event a wonderful success! We are so grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community, and hope everyone had a fantastic time at the race today!

Without further ado, here is a direct link to the race results for this year’s race. Thank you so much to Five Star Timing of getting the results back to us so quickly! On that page you’ll find the overall results as well as the breakdown by age divisions.

If you don’t want to follow the link, here are the top 11 finishers and their times (you’ll have to follow the link for more):

  1. Nick Anderson – 19:54
  2. Brad Buckman – 22:43
  3. John Roeske – 22:49
  4. Terry Somona – 23:31
  5. Brian Ness – 23:47
  6. Thomas Smith – 23:55
  7. Dan Dannahower – 24:29
  8. Ryan Clemens – 26:00
  9. Zach Gaberik – 26:12
  10. Jason Valentine – 26:50
  11. Miah Dannahower – 26:53 (top female finisher!)

We had a bunch of people taking pictures at the race, so we’ll get those posted to our facebook page as soon as they are shared with us. If you have pictures you took of the race, feel free to share them with us!

Thank You Sponsors!

As this year’s race quickly approaches, we wanted to send out a big thank you to our sponsors! The generosity of our sponsors helps us to maximize the contribution we can make to the Windsor/Severance schools athletic scholarship fund, so we are incredibly grateful to our sponsors!

One way you can say thank you to our race sponsors is by checking out their business to see what they have to offer. Who knows, it might be just what you need!

Platinum Sponsors:

dayspring-LOGO-colored REA Vector Logo with Touchstone

Gold Sponsors:

alpineVision small-oaks-logo

Sliver Sponsors:

DuoDesignsLogo Choice City Christian Camp Color 2
RoadIDLogo_Color_Horizontal_LoRes_JPG MC-logo2

Bronze Sponsors:

steve_bricker Timeless-Treasures-colored-small
KellyLathrop_logo-with-tagline theGreatPumkinHaul

Registration is Live!

Our 2016 race registration is now available! Register here, or follow the link in the right hand navigation pane, or go to the registration page for more details!

This year we have chosen a new registration partner, imAthlete. imAthlete is a leading provider for online race registration, and their platform fully embraces social media so you can brag to all your friends about your participation in our event! To make the most of your registration experience, we encourage you to sign up for a free imAthlete account when you register. The account is optional, but they offer some fun features that we hope will make your race experience more enjoyable.

Have fun preparing for this year’s race – and don’t forget to invite your friends!

PS – if you register before August 6th, you’ll receive our early registration discount!

12 Days and Counting

This year’s race is just around the corner! It is hard to believe that it is already almost fall, and we’re getting ready to host another great event! The long range forecast is currently calling for highs in the mid to upper 70s, so we should have a great morning of racing waiting for us!

If you haven’t started training yet, it isn’t too late! 3.1 miles isn’t THAT far, so if you’re looking for an excuse to start a back to school exercise routine, here it is! If you need some guidance on how to get started, head on over to Active Networks and read this article for some advice on training for a 5K in 1 week! Or, if you get started right away, you might have time for this 2 week program.

Same day registration this year will run you $25/person, so if you haven’t already registered, get it done before the online registration period runs out and save yourself some money!

Hope to see you at the race to support our local athletes!

Race Results!

Congratulations to Bryan Burk and Tanna Albiston, our top male and female finishers today! Bryan clocked in at 18:49, while Tanna came in at 21:45! Great job you two!



Here are the top 10 overall finishers, along with their times:

  1. Bryan Burk, 18:49
  2. Ian Wale, 19:01
  3. Bob Ervin, 19:14
  4. James Wilkerson, 20:35
  5. Dave Moseley, 21:20
  6. Tanna Albiston, 21:45
  7. Robin Bittner, 22:00
  8. Bill Rollinson, 22:01
  9. Jared Staggers, 22:47
  10. Steve Dussinger, 22:57

Our best team time this year was The Roadrunners (Tanna Albiston, Jason Albiston, Larissa Abliston and Robin Bittner)! Congrats to all for a great performance!

Full results are posted at fivestartiming.com. Here is the direct link:

Race day was a tremendous success! God smiled on us with some beautiful running weather, a good turn out, and a whole lot of fun and fellowship! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting some great new people, and sharing a beautiful morning with new friends! Thank you so much to all of our sponsors, volunteers, and race participants for making this a fun and memorable day! We are already looking forward to next year!

Stay tuned, we’ll post an update when pictures from the race are available!

Race Day Forecast

This year’s race is just a couple days away! What is this white stuff we keep hearing about in the forecast? What, do we live in Colorado or something? Anyway, Thursday and Friday may be unseasonably cool, but the weekend forecast is looking great! Here’s a look at what Saturday’s forecast looks like:


All in all, looks like it will be great running weather! Looking forward to a fun and successful event – see you at the finish line!


Never Too Late Train!

If you are like many people, you may have been planning on running in the Dayspring Dash, but thought it was so far out in the future that you would have plenty of time to train! Well, it is now less than two weeks to race day, and perhaps you haven’t exactly been so diligent… Should you back out? NO! Here are a few helpful links for ideas on how you can prepare yourself for a 5K in two weeks or less!

There you have it, no excuses left! You may not be able to win with little to no training, but you certainly can participate and have a great time!


See you at the finish line!

New Champion This Year…

We have received word that both the top overall finisher and the top female finisher from last year’s race will not be able to participate this year! Major bummer for Lucas Ness (last year’s overall champion) and Alexa Kopren (last year’s female champion) – they won’t be able to defend their crowns!

RBP_DayspringDash2013-52 RBP_DayspringDash2013-96


That does mean that we will be crowning new champions this year! How exciting! Hopefully everyone is training hard so that they can make their claim to the title!

The race is only 19 days away! See you at the finish line!

The Merits of Athletics

The proceeds for the annual Dayspring Dash 5K are placed into an athletic scholarship fund for the Weld RE-4 Windsor/Severance School District. The monies in the scholarship fund are used to pay athletic fees for kids who would otherwise not be able to afford to participate in sports at their school. Our 2013 event raised enough funds to help 39 kids participate in sports at their school! But why athletics? Why not use the proceeds for something else? The answer is really pretty simple – we believe in the merits of youth participating in sports!



Participation in team and individual sports has many practical benefits, and I could probably find scores and scores of research detailing these many benefits. For the purposes of this post though, we’ll just look at a few of the most important benefits:

  • Character Development
  • Community Identity
  • Fitness

Character Development

As kids participate in sports, they are presented with many experiences that are tough to prepare yourself for. Being able to succeed and fail in this relatively safe environment provides a great opportunity to learn how to cope with the realities of life later on. Competition produces pressure – pressure to win, pressure to execute your skills well, pressure to please your coaches and teammates with your performance. Learning how to cope with these pressures with grace, dignity and respect is an invaluable development opportunity for kids – an opportunity that will serve them well as they move into the workplace in the future, interact with people in their community, and deal with conflicts that arise in their lives.

Here is a quick list of some of the valuable character traits that can be learned and developed through sports:

  • Discipline – practicing hard and honing your skills increases your chances of winning both on the field and in life
  • Confidence without arrogance
  • Graciously dealing with success (being a good winner)
  • Graciously dealing with failure (being a good loser)
  • Controlling your temper
  • How to interact with people in authority over you (coaches, officials, etc)

Community Identity

Everybody wants to belong – God created us for community. Sports provide an opportunity for shared experiences that can grow teammates closer to each other and build a sense of shared purpose and identity. Parents are given the opportunity to share with other parents in the experience of cheering their kiddos on to victory and consoling them in defeat. As kids progress into Junior High and High School sports the sense of community extends to the neighborhood or town as many people come together to cheer our young athletes on.

Many families find that they end up building some of their closest relationships with other families over the shared sporting interests of their kids. These relationships often last well beyond the school years, and can help facilitate the lifelong gift of friendship!


Fitness is probably the most obvious benefit, but kids who play sports tend to value fitness as they move into adulthood. Physical fitness aids in emotional fitness, and simply allows for a more enjoyable and longer life. Ask your Doctor.

Are You Ready to Race?

Since athletics provide so many benefits to those who participate, we ought to do what we can to encourage participation in athletics! Are you ready to race to help more kids have the opportunity to grow through athletics? The race is in 30 days – hope you are training hard! See you at the finish line!